Sue Donkers --Special Education, Grades 2nd - 4th

Our staff provide a nurturing and structured learning environment for students  with cognitive disabilities or with developmental delays.  We have a high staff to student ratio, which allows each student to have an individualized schedule and  provide numerous  opportunities to develop friendships with same age peers as well as provide our students  with opportunities to learn at a steady pace.

Using recommended curriculum as Saxon math, Saxon letter identification /reading and Star and Reporter have enabled our students to learn a variety of readiness concepts and have ensured a more  enriched vocabulary. 

In addition, Functional self-care skills are taught according to the needs of each child.  Students needing a quiet environment and  more time to  feed themselves eat in our  classroom .  Students who are able to feed themselves  and just need supervision or a little help will eat in the lunchroom with same age friends.

We work closely with our Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists. Together we develop individual programs to encourage each student to   reach his/her full potential in the areas of communication, readiness, socialization, motor and self-help skills.  We provide assistive devices and adaptive equipment to help our students actively participate in activities  throughout the school day.



I have taught elementary school age students with ,developmental delays / cognitive impairments since 1977.  I taught at Dowling school from 1977 until 1986. I spent four years teaching at the  Putnam school and returned to Dowling in 1994.

I have enjoyed teaching at Dowling as  I continue to learn from my students and team members who keep me energized.  I currently have a Bachelor's of Science degree from St Cloud State University.