April 18, 2018


Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

April 18, 2018



Reading/Writing Workshop: We began unit 7-Communities Then and Now. Students are reading texts about different communities and are focused on identifying and annotating key details, determining the main idea, using illustrations to support the text, making connections, comparing and contrasting texts with similar themes, and identifying meaning of homophones by utilizing context clues. Students will be starting informative reports about the Dowling community using research strategies and evidence from text.


Math: We began our new unit on place value, rounding, and algorithms. Students used place value charts to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers. They rounded to the tens, thousands and ten thousands place using both the place value charts and vertical number lines. The homework sent home will help students prepare for the Math MCA testing.


Science/Economics: We concluded our science unit on Matter and Energy. We watched a video called “Disney Imagineering: Energy” and students created their own rides considering kinetic and potential energy in their designs. In addition, we read a book titled “Avalanche” which described chain reaction of events. Students created their own 8-panel Avalanche stories demonstrating how each event influences the next through text and images. We began our Economic unit by discussing the three types of resources, wants and needs, scarcity, and the four choices for money (spend, save, donate, invest). Students will be learning about philanthropy and collecting money to donate to a charity that they will be researching. Please return the form with your child about charities important to your family.


Important Dates:

April 20 – Book Orders due by 8 A.M.

April 27 – Goodies for Grandparents

April 30 - May 1 – MCA Math Assessment   8:50 A.M. – 9:50 A.M.

May 4 – Ordway 11:45 – 2:15

May 8 - Ag Day 9:15 – 1:30

May 21 – Energy and U 12:20 – 2:15

June 1 – Three Rivers 12:30 – 2:30



Kristen Burton

Third Grade Student Teacher

Dowling Elementary

Minnesota School of Excellence