WE'RE LOOKING FOR THESE If you have a connection to a farmer who could donate or sell some decorative gourds to our school for science lessons, please call Mrs. Young at 612-668-4410. Thank you!

Dowling Environmental Science

Families ~ Happy Autumn!  The frosty mornings of Minnesota fall weather have found their way to our extensive Dowling School grounds.  Students are raking and cleaning up the gardens for winter, hauling wood from our culled orchard trees, and learning about animal migration.  What a beautiful place to be a kid, but it's no fun trying to learn ourside when you're cold!  Please make sure your child is dressed to go outside every day, especially providing layers of clothing from tip to toe.  

During the past week or so, here's some of what's been going on:  

Apple Orchard Work:  The Minnesota Conservation Corps sent a team of workers and their power tools to cull out dead and diseased apple trees from our orchard.  We are now working on finding free or inexpensive fruit trees to replace those taken out.  Call Mrs. Young at 612-668-4410 if you have a line on some fruit trees!

Classroom and Grade-Level Reports

DCD lower grades has been in the garden harvesting tomatoes and zucchini.  Approximately 20 pounds of zucchini were delivered to Chef Nicole Harris in the Dowling kitchen to be roasted for students' school lunches.

DCD upper grades completed their leaf collection and pressing activity.  Did you know there are at least 15 different species of trees in the Dowling front yard?  Students then glued their pressed leaves to pages that will go into their leaf books.  Well done!

Students in grade 5 who are on a weekly rotation of E-STEAM, options have been raking, hiking along the Winchell Trail, and completing fall garden maintenance in the Dowling plot of our Community Garden.  In addition, one of the fifth grade groups has begun a "Crayon Initiative" to collect and recycle old, broken crayons.  These will be melted down and reformed into fat crayons that are then donated to children's hospitals.

Students in fourth grade are continuing their work with the Fibonacci Sequence of Numbers in nature.  Students have received their photographs and are working on poetry, brochures, and a spiral display for the front hallway.  Stay tuned!

Third grade students have finished their leaf books, and have been helping with raking around the Dowling grounds.  With so many trees, the raking projects seem endless!

Students in grade 2 have taken metamorphosis into the amphibian realm, learning about frogs and toads.  Ever played "Froggy Says"?  It's like Simon Says but with a ribbety twist!  Miss Ritten's class harvested apples from our orchard, and learned to make apple juice this week.  In addition, they tasted apple chips, made on a donated food dehydrator.  Yum!  

First grade friends are learning about living organisms and where they live.  Terrestrial organisms might be found in the students' classroom woodland terrariums.  Aquatic organisms abound in the students' classroom aquariums.  Outside, students are looking for organisms who make their homes in the Dowling trees.  Next up: habitats

In kindergarten, students are learning about the different areas of Dowling grounds and about how we handle ourselves when we're outside for learning.  Next up: apple trees!

Enjoy the pictures in our feed.  Feedback is appreciated.

Once again, here's the schedule by grade-level of time specific to Mrs. Young's Environmental Education class, good through Nov. 1:

Kindergarten - quarters II and IV, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 2:15-2:45, rotating classrooms by week

First Grade - quarters II and IV, Monday through Friday, 10:15-10:45, rotating classrooms by week

Second Grade - quarters I and III, Monday through Friday, 9:15-10:15, rotating classrooms by week

Third Grade - year round as part of the six-day specialist schedule, 10:50-11:45

Fourth Grade - year round as part of the six-day specialist schedule, 10:50-11:45

Fifth Grade - year round, every Friday, 2:00-2:50

DCD primary - year round, every Thursday, 1:15-1:45

DCD intermediate - year round, every Thursday, 2:00-2:45

Other - at other times, classroom teachers may schedule extra time with Mrs. Young to teach, co-teach, do projects, or take walking field trips together.  Watch your child's homeroom newsletter for more information about these activities.  We'd love to have you come along!