January 17, 2018

Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

January 18, 2018



Reading/ Writing Workshop:  We began unit 4 – Comparing Points of View. The areas we focused on included; recounting the key details from a text, identifying opinions in an essay, distinguishing the narrators point of view from a personal point of view, identifying and interpreting hyperboles, distinguishing between literal and nonliteral meanings, using comparative and superlative adjectives, and comparing and contrasting plots by the same author about the same characters. We will be writing our own opinion essays over the next few weeks.


Math: We completed our unit on collecting, displaying, and interpreting data. The unit began with the class generating and organizing data. The first graphs created were scaled bar graphs, followed by pictographs. Then we used the graphs to solve one and two step problems. Next, the class constructed rulers with 1, ½, and ¼ inch intervals to collect data. They used the data collected to create line plots. We completed the unit by analyzing the data on a variety of graphs.


Social Studies: We completed with our study of Ancient Rome. Our last project involved creating brochures for Ancient Rome by using information we have been recording throughout the unit. The brochures cover topics such as clothing, architecture, entertainment, food, inventions and innovations, famous people, geography, government, and places to see.


Important Dates:

January 19 – Book orders due by 8 AM

January 19 – Used Book Sale

January 25 and 26 – No School



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