January 31, 2018

Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

January 31, 2018



Reading/ Writing Workshop:  We are completing unit 4 – Comparing Points of View. The areas we focused on included; recounting the key story details, distinguishing the reader’s point of view from that of the narrator and also from that of a character, explaining how illustrations affect mood and point of view, distinguishing between literal and non-literal meanings, and comparing and contrasting points of view. We completed our opinion essays, which required students to cite evidence from a story to support their opinion about whether Jack or the Giant was the villain.


Math: We completed our unit on algebra. This unit focused on identifying number patterns and extending patterns using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The activities required students to determine the rule using tables and to complete the table by using the rule. The unit also focused on using the symbols <, >, and = to create equations that are true. Our new unit is all about fractions! I introduced WOOT math in the classroom 2 weeks ago. Everyone has had an opportunity to use it and understands how it works. This online program uses the same strategies that are presented in the same way as our fractions unit. For homework during this unit I would like students to use the WOOT math program 45 minutes a week if they have access to the internet. I will not be sending hard copies of math homework home for this unit.


Science: We completed our “Physics of Sound” science unit. For the first activity children matched an object that another team dropped by listening to the sound it made when dropped. Then they made up a code and used the objects to spell words. Each team had to figure out what word was being spelled. Students also completed four mini-activities to learn about pitch, volume, and vibrations. They learned about sound receivers and sound sources. Finally, we determined that vibrations need a medium (solid, liquid, or gas) to travel through. The children also discovered how pitch can be changed, either through tension or the length the vibrations need to travel.


Valentine’s Day: On Tuesday, February 14th we will decorate bags at school and children will have time to exchange valentines. I have included a list of student names in today’s mail folder. If your child chooses to bring valentines, please be sure to include one for each classmate on the list. Do not send candy or treats of any kind. We are unable to share them at school and they will be sent back home.


Conference sign up: I am sending home conference sign up sheets in report card envelopes. This round of conferences is optional so you do not need to send back the sign up unless you would like to meet.


Important Dates:

January 31 – Half Way Book Exchange

February 9– Read-A-Thon ends

February 14 – MIA field trip and Valentine Exchange

February 15 – Evening conferences

February 16– No School - conferences

February 19– No School – President’s Day


Tammy Thelen

Third Grade Teacher

Dowling Elementary

Minnesota School of Excellence