I'm very excited to be returning to Dowling! In fifth grade, each teacher sees each fifth grader for a specific content area. I am the math teacher. 


I received my B.S. from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in business. I then returned to school to complete a M.Ed. in Elementary Education at the University of Minnesota.


This year we will be working to build concepts, strategies, and skills through seven different units. Our units will be taught in the following order: Number and Operations (multiplication and division), Rational Numbers (fractions/decimals), Geometry and Measurement, Algebra, Data, Rational Numbers II, and Rational Numbers III. 


As a fifth grade team, we have created E-STEAM (environment, science, technology, engineering, art, and math) days that happen every Friday. This time allows for the flexibility of reinforcing concepts with a real-world, hands-on experience. One example of a math activity is when students collaborate with peers to create Leopold benches. 


I look forward to this year and getting to know each student and their families!


If you need to reach me, please email me at kobi.belgarde@mpls.k12.mn.us


Let’s have a wonderful year!



Cubes   http://illuminations.nctm.org/Activity.aspx?id=4095 





Below you will see a list a resources. It includes homework assignments, iXL skills list, and our sequencing of units. I am doing my best to update this website regularly to be of use to both students and guardians.


*Students will typically get homework 2-3 times a week (subject to change)


PDF Year-at-a-Glance   --  Unfortunately the dates are not accurate. However, the sequencing of units is what we will be following this year.
PDF Unit One iXL List   --  Multiplication and Division
PDF Unit Two iXL List   --  Geometry
PDF Unit Three iXL List   --  Fractions
PDF A Scrambled Riddle   --  Homework
PDF Unit Four iXL List   --  Algebra
PDF Fraction Maze   --  Homework
PDF An Interesting Fact   --  Homework
PDF Unlock the Message   --  Homework
PDF Book Never Written   --  Homework
PDF Same Name Game   --  Homework
PDF Unit Five iXL List   --  Data
PDF A Word to the Wise (2)   --  Homework
PDF Points on the Plane   --  Homework
PDF What is Rock N' Roll?   --  Homework
PDF Take Off with Graphing   --  Homework
PDF An Interesting Fact   --  Homework
PDF Why was the Butcher Worried?   --  Homework
PDF Get the Message   --  Homework
PDF Unit Six iXL List   --  Decimals