March 14, 2018


Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

March 14, 2018



Reading/ Writing Workshop:  We began unit 5 – Making Decisions. The students read folktales and thought about how the characters solve problems. The areas we focused on included recounting key story events, determining the central message or lesson in a story, comparing and contrasting themes in stories by the same author, and explaining how a character’s action influences story events. The class also worked on writing narrative journal entries about characters from the stories.


Math: We began our new unit about geometry and measurement. This unit began with reviewing strategies to solve multi-step word problems. These problems require the students to find the parts they need to solve, choose a strategy to solve each step, and then answer the final question. We then began exploring polygons, specifically quadrilaterals and their attributes. This unit introduces many new vocabulary words ad skills. I am sending home a few sheets of homework each week to help students review the vocabulary and concepts that are being introduced.


Science:  We continued our science unit Matter and Energy with Investigation 2: Light. This investigation focused on reflected light (how light travels) and colored light (defining white light and experimenting with light absorption). The children read three non-fiction articles about light and answered questions about reflection and absorption. They also used mirrors to complete 6 challenges that involved reflecting light by using a flashlight and mirrors. Next, they discussed that white light is made up of all the colors of the rainbow. Then they conducted experiments to see how white light is absorbed or reflected using colored tubes and cubes. In addition, we read a poetry book titled, “Flicker Flash” which was full of concrete (shape) poems. Each of the students chose a source of light and will be writing their own concrete poem. 


Important Dates:

March 16 – Book Orders due by 8 A.M.

March 26-28 – MCA Reading assessment – 8:50 A.M. – 9:50 A.M.

March 29 – The Works on site

March 30 – April 6 – No School


Tammy Thelen

Third Grade Teacher

Dowling Elementary

Minnesota School of Excellence