March 28, 2018


Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

March 28, 2018



Reading/ Writing Workshop:  We completed Unit 6 – Making Decisions and began Unit 7 – Communities Then and Now. The areas we focused on included recounting key story events, determining the main idea, determine the meaning of unknown words and phrase, and using dialogue in writing. The class also worked on writing their own fables by changing the moral of an existing fable.


Math: We completed our unit about geometry and measurement. We used tangram puzzles to create polygons, measured the perimeter of regular and irregular polygons, found the perimeter of polygons with unknown side lengths, solved word problems about perimeter, and constructed rectangles with a given perimeter. I do not send home work over break but feel free to have your child use ST Math at home if they want.


Science:  We completed our science unit Matter and Energy with Investigation 3: Matter and Investigation 4: Changing Matter. The first investigations this week involved working with a balance to determine the mass of an object and measuring fluid volume using vials, graduated cylinders, and syringes. The standard units of measure that were introduced and used for this investigation were the gram, kilogram, milliliter, and liter. The children read about changes in states of matter, particles, and reactions. Then they answered questions about each topic. The final investigations about changing matter involved measuring temperature in standard metric units, melting solid substances from heat, and learning how heat affects the rate of evaporation.


Important Dates:

April 20 – Book Orders due by 8 A.M.

April 27 – Goodies for Grandparents

April 30-May 1 – MCA Math assessment – 8:50 A.M. – 9:50 A.M.


Tammy Thelen

Third Grade Teacher

Dowling Elementary

Minnesota School of Excellence