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Students in Language Arts are in Reader's Workshop mode! They have been practicing fifth grade standards such as being able to select text based on interest and academic tasks. They will read independently to practice fluency including expression, pacing, and self-correcting for errors in decoding or comprehension. They will also read within heterogeneous and skills-based reading groups (flexible reading groups). 

Students did so much within our Esperanza Rising unit. They've been reading and processing for several weeks now. Students have gained background knowledge around history, daily life, social issues, and how those elements impact the characters within the text. They have finished working within partner teams to make poster/speech presentations around character traits, character responses to conflict, figurative language, and important people to the character. Each week, students continue to provide evidence-based opinions as they read various texts. Students also compared and contrasted the main characters of the story. They are currently enjoying building dioramas to summarize a scene. In addition to the 5th grade standards around literature, GLAD strategies have been incorporated into the lessons which will allow students to practice 21st century skills such as team tasks, collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity.


5th ESTEAM rotation: We have been enjoying physical fitness while embracing performing arts, health, and physical education standards by learning dance moves! The students have been having lots of fun so far and we're looking forward to the next ESTEAM rotation.

4th ESTEAM rotation: Concertina with a nature focus: Trees through the Seasons. We are revisiting our focus on trees during this rotation. Students will make a concertina showing two different seasons. They will compose their drawing and use illustration skills to show details. Concertinas will be displayed in our hall once they are complete. 

2nd and 3rd ESTEAM rotation: Art/nature focus: Cross-hatching and pointillism. Students will learn the techniques used in cross-hatching and pointillism. They will have access to high quality colored pencils and acid-free black paper during this rotation. They will be given a choice of photographs from National Geographic as they practice drawing images using cross-hatching and pointillism. This project will take two full rotations of ESTEAM to complete.

1st rotation of ESTEAM: Students studied leaf types and how to use leaves to identify tree names. They enjoying venturing outside to explore Dowling's trees with field guides in hand. Some the trees students found included Birch, Red Maple, Pin Oak, Bur Oak, and Basswood. 



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Families! We are set up on IXL for Language Arts! Students may use IXL to satisfy the at-home Reading requirement. Be sure to write "IXL-LA" as the title in their planner when you sign the box each evening.


PDF Writing Homework Due Dec.9   --  In our next unit, we will be dealing with major life changes the characters go through. Students should write about a life change they've experienced, OR they may interview any family member about a life change that person has experienced. This could be from far in the past if family members immigrated to the U.S. It can also be from the recent past such as a move to Minnesota, a new neighborhood, a new school, or a new home.
PDF Homework due on Dec 16   --  Many students know about the Great Depression and the U.S. This is an article about the Great Depression and how it affected Canada. Read all about it and answer the questions.
PDF Homework due January 6th!   --  Tell about things you can do to make your New Year's resolutions happen!
PDF Homework due Jan 16th: Living with Gorillas   --  Read the text carefully. Answer the questions. Be sure to write in complete sentences.
PDF Homework Due Jan.20th   --  Write complete and thoughtful sentences as prompted by the questions.
PDF Homework Due Jan.26th   --  Click on the attachment. Read text and answer questions (use complete sentences when working on response section).
PDF HomeworkDueFebruary3: Fossils   --  Read the text carefully. Answer all questions. When there is writing, please use complete sentences.
PDF Homework Due Feb. 10th   --  Cursive Practice
PDF Homework Due Feb. 16th   --  Writing prompt and cursive practice
PDF Homework Due Feb. 24th   --  Interview a friend or family member. Complete the cursive practice.
PDF Homework Due March 3rd   --  Complete a book report on a book you are currently reading. Complete the cursive practice.
PDF Homework Due Mar. 10th   --  * Reading comprehension and cursive practice
PDF Homework Due March 17th   --  Reading Comprehension & Cursive practice
PDF Homework Due March 24th   --  Reading Comprehension & Cursive practice
PDF Homework Due March 30   --  Reading Comprehension & Cursive Practice
PDF Homework Due April 14th   --  Reading Comprehension & Cursive