November 15, 2017

Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

November 15, 2017



Reading/ Writing Workshop:  We completed our second reading unit this week. The areas we focused on included; reading and recounting details from a fable, exploring the meaning of unfamiliar words using a model, analyzing how illustrations contribute to a story, identifying compound words and breaking them into their smaller word parts, rereading a text to find evidence for character changes, reading to compare and contrast character traits and their effects in two stories, and revising writing by adding vivid verbs. In addition, students are completing the final step of the writing process by rewriting and illustrating their fables. Thank you to all the families who were able to join us on such short notice to edit the fables! We couldn’t have done it without you. I will try to give more notice when possible for editing sessionsJ


Math: We continued with our third unit, which focuses on multiplication and division facts for factors 6 – 9. The class has been working with the associative property and using parentheses for problems with mixed operations. They are also beginning to work on multi-digit multiplication and using the distributive property to make the problem easier to solve. In addition, we are using a new math program, which is called ST Math. I have included a letter in today’s mail folder for families. The letter explains how to access ST Math from home. The biggest part of ST Math is that it is intended to help kids develop problem-solving skills. Please do not provide the answer to a problem for your child. Feel free to ask questions to help your child find the answer. Also, IXL will remain available through December.


Science: We completed our “Structures of Life” science unit. The children dissected owl pellets. They used the bones found in the pellets to identify the animals that the bones came from and to compare animal bones to human bones. In addition, we watched two very short videos that showed owls consuming prey and regurgitating owl pellets. The children also read about inherited characteristics and took the benchmark assessment for this unit. Finally, we began our Designing Model Membranes engineering unit by reading a story about bioengineering and frog membranes. The class discussed the steps of the engineering design process, compared different kinds of technology to natural objects, and learned more about membranes by conducting investigations with raisins.


Important Dates:

November 22-24 – No School

December 8 - Book Orders due by 8 A.M. online code H24L9

December 8 – Three Rivers onsite experience 12:30 – 3:30 P.M.



Thank You,

Tammy Thelen

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