November 29, 2017

Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

November 29, 2017



Reading/ Writing Workshop:  We began our third reading unit this week. How do living things adapt to change? The areas we focused on included; generating questions, recounting the key details of a text and explaining how they support the main idea, using context clues to determine the meaning of a word, gathering facts from a print source, and taking notes and organizing information. In addition, all the fables from our last writing workshop are complete and we will be sharing them over the next 5 weeks.


Math: We completed our third unit, which focused on multiplication and division facts for factors 6 – 9. The class continued to work on basic multiplication facts. We discovered several patterns for the 9s which made them easier to solve and remember. We also looked for odd and even patterns on a multiplication table and learned about squared numbers. Our big focus was on making a problem easier to solve. We found that using the associative property and place value strategies allowed us to multiply by 10 to create easier problems.


Science: We completed our Designing Model Membranes engineering unit. The children tested a variety of materials to determine which would be the best to use for their model membranes. They worked with a team to design a model membrane and then tried to improve on the design based on the outcome of the first design. We finished off the short week with Jeopardy!


Social Studies: This week we began our study of Ancient Rome. We read the legend of Romulus and Remus. We also studied maps of Ancient Rome and created a timeline of important events. We will be comparing Ancient Roman life to modern day life throughout the unit.


Important Dates:

December 8 - Book Orders due by 8 A.M. online code H24L9

December 8 – Three Rivers onsite experience 12:30 – 3:30 P.M.

December 25 – January 5 – Winter Break


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