October 17, 2017

Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

October 17, 2017





Reading/ Writing Workshop:  We completed our first reading unit this week. The areas we focused on included; using text evidence to make inferences, describing cause and effect text connections, comparing and contrasting key details, determining the main idea, using graphic features to gain information, and defining content vocabulary. In addition, the class worked on the elements of a personal narrative and used a rubric to score model narratives.


Math: We began our second unit on place value and problem solving. We worked on telling and writing time to the nearest minute, solving word problems involving adding and subtracting time intervals and weight, and rounding the nearest ten and hundred using vertical number lines. Please have your child focus on sections E, I and F if they are using IXL at home.


Science: We continued with our “Structures of Life” science unit. The children read about life cycles and were introduced to a new organism. The class observed bess beetles, noting their structures, functions, and behaviors. They drew the beetles and labeled the structures. They reviewed crayfish variations and discussed traits. Finally, they learned about the importance of adaptions for an organism’s survival by participating in a simulation to find various colored walking stick insects in different environments. Your child is welcome to log in at Fossweb and try the activity again. Student login is thelen108 for both user name and password.


Important Dates:

November 2 and 3 - No School

November 10 – Book Orders due by 8 A.M.


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Tammy Thelen

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