October 4, 2017

Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

October 4, 2017



Reading/ Writing Workshop:  Why do People participate in government? is our essential question for this first unit. The areas we focused on included; recounting key details to determine the main idea, describing cause and effect, using information gained from text features, describing sequential text connections, and comparing and contrasting key details in two texts on the same subject. In addition, the class worked on writing personal letters that included the four parts of a letter. They gathered facts and details from reading about the Fargo flooding of 2013. They also determined the meaning of specific vocabulary from the unit.


Math: We completed our first unit on multiplication and division. We worked on decomposing or breaking apart numbers to make easier problems to solve. We used arrays and number bonds to show how numbers are decomposed. We also moved to multi-step problems requiring more than one mathematical operation to solve. Finally, we really worked hard on reading the question carefully, looking for important information and understanding what the question was asking by determining what was unknown in the problem. Please have your child focus on sections E and I if they are using IXL at home.


Science: We began our “Structures of Life” science unit. The children opened a variety of fruits and vegetables and recorded their observations by listing the properties of the seeds. They learned that the scientific term for a structure that holds seeds is a fruit. The children also made mini-sprouters. Each day they recorded observations about the seeds in the sprouter, noting any changes. The children also looked for samples of seedlings that were at various stages of germination and categorized them using a rubric. We enjoyed working with crayfish. We observed the crayfish and recorded the structures we found. We also observed crayfish behavior and recorded their responses to certain actions. Finally, we transferred some of our bean seedlings to a hydroponic growing environment. (see attached photos)


Seward Co-op visits: We had two visits from the Seward Co-op. The children learned about locally grown food and how wild rice is grown and harvested.


Important Dates:

October 11 – Picture Day

October 13 - Scholastic Book Orders due - (To order online use access code H24L9 by 8AM)

October 17 - Three Rivers on-site Environmental Experience 12:30 – 2:30 PM

October 17 - Evening Conferences 3:30 – 7:30

October 18 - All Day Conferences – No school

October 19 and 20 - No School



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