September 6, 2017

Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

September 6, 2017



Dear Families,


Hello from Third Grade! This first newsletter tends to be a bit long. Hopefully you will find that it answers some beginning of the year questions for you.


During our first week we spent time getting acquainted and learning about classroom expectations. The children took several math and reading assessments. We completed some graphing activities. We began learning about our reader’s workshop process. During social studies we discussed culture and completed several activities that enabled us to share our culture. We also took a Haiku Hike and wrote Haikus. I enjoyed getting to know everyone and I’m looking forward to spending the school year working together J


Other Essential Information:


****I do email the newsletter bi-weekly. If you would prefer to receive this electronically please send me your email address with your child’s name in the subject area. If you email the address/es you’d like to receive the class newsletter, I will email the next newsletter and future ones to you. Send to: For those who supplied email addresses at Open House here’s your first e-newsletter!***


This year I will be using Remind to send texts with quick updates between newsletters as needed. I included information in your beginning of the year materials. If you need another copy of instructions please let me know.


VERY IMPORTANT! If your child’s daily bus/after school/MPLS Kids/parent pick up schedule changes please send a note letting me know. I cannot rely on a verbal message passed on by your child. The end of the day is busy so notes are preferred over phone calls. Also, please be aware that your child’s safety is my number one concern and I will not release your child to any one who is not on the emergency card without a note.


A student planner is in your child’s backpack. The planner needs to be returned everyday. There is a note on the cover with instructions for use. Math homework pages are recorded weekly in the planner. The entire set of homework will be sent home in the Wednesday mail folder. Pages should be completed on the date recorded whenever possible because it will be the day the skill was covered in class.


Scholastic book orders are sent home once a month. If your child would like to order anything please return the order by the date indicated with a check made out to Scholastic or to order online go to Our access code is H24L9. If you order online your order must be in by 8 AM.


If your child would like to bring a water bottle to school to keep in the classroom please feel free to send one. Water helps keep the brain hydrated and kids happy!


I check my email every morning before school and after school. I do not always have time to check during the school day so if you have an urgent message, call the office at 668-4410 and leave a message for me. I do check my voicemail once per day but email is preferred as I can reply more quickly to a request.


Toys can be brought only on your child’s share day. They will be placed in backpacks after being shared. If they are brought on any other day or taken out after share time they will be taken away and held by me until I receive a note from you. No Trading Cards! Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Due to known and possible unknown allergies that children in the class have, we will not be able to serve any kind of treats for birthdays. If your child really wants to bring something to share on his/her special day he/she might want to bring pencils or some other small item to hand out.


It is always nice to see so many parents at Dowling. It really helps make Dowling a special place! If you have specific concerns about anything happening with your child I’d be happy to meet or call during non-student contact time. Just email, send me a note, or give me a call.


Finally, we are very fortunate to have Kristen Burton working with us this year as a student teacher from the University of Minnesota. Ms. Burton is here for the first few weeks and will be here full time January through June.


I try to include as much preliminary information as possible in this first newsletter, but please call or email if you have any questions or concerns. All newsletters can also be reviewed on the Dowling website at my staff page. Also, this is the longest newsletter you will have to read this year. I promise!!!!!


Important Dates:


September 15 - Scholastic Book Orders due - (To order online use access code H24L9)

October 17 - Three Rivers on-site Environmental Experience 12:30 – 2:30 PM

October 17 - Evening Conferences 3:30 – 7:30

October 18 - All Day Conferences – No school

October 19 and 20 - No School


Thank You,

Tammy Thelen

Voice mail: 612-692-0647