State Report and Brochure

Dear Parents,

State Report Project

By now your child should have chosen a state and begun collecting information.  Some students have received packets directly from their states.  The information is to be  used in creating a state report that will be put into the form of a tri-fold brochure.

Each child needs at least 30 cards to use in the research.  Each child needs no less than 3 resources; 2 may be from the internet and 1 from some other source.

We’ll spend some time in class researching facts and information about the selected states.  Students will be on their own to find other resources besides the internet.  All references will be written out in a bibliography.  This will be turned in along with the final project.  See the blue sheet that provides a format for recording the bibliography.

Once all information and facts are gathered and recorded on note cards, students will sort them and create an outline to be used in writing their report.  The final report will be typed up in columns to be used as copy in their state brochures.  Each section will be cut to size (by the teacher ) then glued onto the brochure pages.

 Please refer to the following timeline to ensure your student is completing each step in a timely fashion and will have the brochure assembled and ready for our State Fair by June 1st.  Thank you, parents, in advance for your help in this project.


State Research Project Timeline


May 16     Begin collecting state facts and information

                 Record information on note cards (minimum 30cards)

May 21    Note cards are due in class.  Students will begin sorting and

                   writing their report outline.  Begin rough draft.

May 24    Outline and rough draft are completed.  Rough draft is to be

                 edited at home with an adult.  Bring edited draft to class today.

                 Begin typing final report in columns.

May 24 - 29 Type report in columns at school and home.  Reports can

                 be done on Google Docs through Dowling’s website.  

                 From Google Docs students are able to print at school if needed.

May 29    Typed final copy is due in class.  Students begin assembling

                 State Brochures adding color, pictures, and designs to

                 enhance the brochure.   

May 31    All brochures completed and ready for grading and display.

                 Bibliography to accompany brochure.

June 1     State Fair:  Brochures to be displayed and shared with other

                   4th grade classes.  2:20 to 2:50 State Fair open to parents

                  to view classroom projects.



State Report Outline


I. State Facts

a. State name and nickname

b. State capital, year of statehood

c. State size and population

d. State flower, bird, tree, fish, rock, flag, etc...

II. Topography and Climate

a.  Typical landscape: mountains, plains, forest, ocean,

     tropical, tundra, desert, etc...

b.  Typical year round climate

c.   State products (What do they grow, make, or mine?)

III. Famous Person

a.  Where and when born/died

b.  Brief childhood

c.  Adulthood

d.  Accomplishments or contributions to state or country

     (Why is the person famous?)

IV. State Attractions

a. Natural or historical landmarks

b. Tourist attractions (What would a tourist want to come see?)

c. Write 5 to 8 sentences describing each listed attraction.

V.  State history

a. Brief description of some important event in state history



Each section is to be typed out on in paragraphs