Susan McNaughton - Third Grade Teacher

I am thrilled to be teaching third grade at Dowling.  Dowling is where I first took swimming lessons as a 3 year-old.  I am a graduate of Washburn High School and have made my home and career in South Minneapolis.  In 1997, I started teaching 5th and 6th grade at Windom Open School.  I moved from there to Field School where I taught 5th grade Language Arts.  I began teaching here in 2013.

I studied Sociology and Anthropology at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana to earn a Bachelor's degree.  Later, I studied at the University of St. Thomas to earn my teaching license and a Master's degree.  In addition to an elementary license, I am certified to teach middle school English, Social Studies and Math.

it is nice to meet students at the door to room 109 each day.  Each morning we spend time developing a community that is friendly and works together.  I look for opportunities for students to create and lead the learning, especially in writing.  There is often an opportunity for students to work in small groups, with a student teacher or a volunteer.