Asthma information

Here in the Dowling Health Office, we follow the MPS Healthy Learners Asthma Initiative.   This initiative was put in place several years ago to improve the management of students with asthma.  Results of this model have been positive, with improved communication  and collaboration between families, health care providers, and school, as well as decreased hospitalizations and absences due to asthma.   Because of it's success, this model has been adopted by other school districts here in MN.

If your child has been diagnosed with asthma, it is very important that you let the school know.  Please contact Roxanne Truen, RN, PNP at 612-668-4416 to talk about your child's asthma and his or her needs.  Even if your child only has asthma symptoms once in awhile, it is recommended that they have an inhaler or nebulization medication available in school in case of asthma symptoms. 

For additional information about asthma, asthma symptoms, medications and more, click on the links below.