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FALL 2011


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Immunizations:  If you child receives any immunizations, please bring or send the paperwork to the Health Office so we can add it to your child’s health record.  Remember, it is a state law that children receive the recommended immunizations, so we will be contacting you if your child is missing shots. If you have a medical or other reason for your child to not receive immunizations, there is a form that needs to be completed and notarized. This form can also be found on the Dowling website under Health Office information (immunization info).


Head lice:  Periodically during the school year, children become infested with head lice. While lice are a nuisance, they do not spread disease.  And please remember that anyone can get head lice.  They are not fussy about whose head they live on and it does not mean that your child or your house is unclean.  

While school may be one source of head lice, it isn’t the only way that children can get them.  Any close contact, such as during sleepovers, are another way in which head lice can be spread.  Check your child's head frequently throughout the year, not just when a head lice notice comes home.  ***The most important part of getting rid of head lice is to make sure all of the nits or eggs are removed before they have a chance to hatch.***  Contrary to what the lice products may claim, they do NOT kill all of the nits present, so the nits need to be manually removed, either with a lice comb (metal combs work best) or by picking them out.

***PLEASE ~~~ when a head lice notice comes home with your child, CHECK YOUR CHILD’S HEAD!!   While checking students for lice, we typically ask each child if someone at home has checked their head, and more than 50% of the students report that no one has checked them.   This makes it extremely difficult to eliminate the problem from the classroom.  ***



Please call the Health Office at 668-4416 or stop in to see me if you have any questions or concerns.



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MEASLES OUTBREAK - information from the Minnesota Dept. of Health:

Situation Update (4/27/11)
There have been 23 confirmed cases of measles reported in Minnesota, ranging in age from 4 months to 51 years old.

Infection acquired:

  • Twenty of the cases have been linked to a case that acquired infection in Kenya (21 total)
  • One case acquired infection in Florida
  • One case acquired infection in India

Vaccination status:

  • Seven of the cases were too young to receive vaccine
  • Nine were of age but were not vaccinated
  • One was vaccinated
  • One was vaccinated prior to the recommended age
  • Five have unknown vaccine status

There have been fourteen hospitalizations and no deaths.


Please see the links below for more information about the measles outbreak and resources for vaccinations.   You can also visit the MN Dept. of Health website at:

Please give me a call with any questions or concerns @ 668-4416.

Roxanne Truen, RN LSN