Immunization Information
Student Immunization Policy

Students will not be allowed to enroll, remain enrolled in, or transfer into any Minneapolis Public School, without exception, until the student has submitted to the principal, or another person having general control and supervision in the school, one of the following statements that meet the current Minnesota immunization law (see attached immunization requirements):

  • A statement indicating that immunizations meet requirements as specified in current Minnesota law.
  • A statement signed by a physician or staff of an immunization clinic stating that the student has commenced a schedule of the immunizations, and the dates of  the initial immunizations and planned dates for further immunizations are included.
  • For medical objection to immunizations, a statement signed by a physician stating that the immunization is contra-indicated for medical reasons, or that laboratory confirmation of the presence of adequate immunity exists.
  • For conscientious objection to immunizations, a notarized statement signed by the student’s parent or legal guardian stating that the prescribed immunizations are contrary to conscientiously held beliefs of the parent or guardian.

Chickenpox update - NEW for Fall 2010:  As of Sept. 1, 2010, a parent's/guardian's signature will no longer be accepted to document history of a child's varicella (chickenpox) disease in either kindergarten or seventh grade.  Only the following will be legally acceptable to document a student's history of chickenpox disease:

  • the signature of a provider along with the date of the child's chickenpox illness,
  • the signature of a provider along with a statement that the parent's or legal guardian's description of the child's chickenpox disease history is indicative of past chickenpox infection, or
  • the signature of a provider or representative of a public clinic along with laboratory evidence of the child's chickenpox immunity.
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