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Policies, Procedures, and Important Documents

Policies and Procedures

Please see the links on the menu to the right for:

Dowling Handbook

Attendance Policies

School Improvement Plan and Family Involvement Plan

Student Conflict and Intervention Handbook 

Family School Compact

Walking Field Trip Permission Slip

District Wellness Policy 2022-2023

School Drop Off and Pick-up Procedures

These guidelines are for families that choose to bring their student(s) to school and/or pick up their student(s) from school. These procedures are in place for the safety of all Dowling students and families. Please understand that we need everyone to follow these procedures in order for our students to arrive and leave school safely.

Drop off time is after 9:20 am - Staff are not available to supervise students before this time.

Parking and Parent Drop off/Pick up: When dropping off students in the morning, all drop-offs must take place after 9:20 am and on Edmund Boulevard in the designated drop-off zone. Parking is not allowed before the drop-off sign that is posted just past the main sidewalk that goes up to the school. Our buses need to be able to drop off students from Dowling Avenue to the main sidewalk on Edmund Boulevard. Please do not stop or park before the orange cones in front of the sidewalk, you will be asked to pull forward. Please do not park and walk your student in from the parent drop zone, you must park in the parking lot if you choose to walk your student in. All doors are locked until 9:20, students must wait outside of the building until that time. Staff are not available to supervise students before 9:20. Please be respectful of staff and these policies.

Parent Pick-Up 4:00 PM - Our school day officially ends at 4:00.  Students are dismissed starting at 3:50 and the final call is 3:55. All students should be picked up at parent pick up no later than 4:10. We understand that occasionally traffic or other issues may make parents a few minutes late to pick up. A 5 minute grace period is in place for emergency issues only. If you are late picking up your student more than 4 days in a two-week period, an email will be sent out reminding you of our pick-up policies and we will try to help you arrange for alternative transportation. All families that choose to not use the bus or live outside of our busing zone must pick up their student by 4:10. Staff are not available to supervise students past 4:10. Please be considerate of staff and school policies.

PARKING LOT: Our main parking lot is for parents who will be walking their student into school or for parent pick up at the end of the day. No stopping and dropping off is allowed in the round-a-bout or anywhere in the parking lot, you must park and walk your student in. Do not park in any no parking zone and do not park in the handicap parking spots unless you have a posted handicap permit. We have been receiving many complaints of cars parked in the handicap spots, preventing our families with student's with special needs the ability to park in these spots that are for them. Please do not walk behind or in between our buses, a bus can not see you or your child, this is a dangerous practice. Always keep your children under your control in the parking lot, we have a lot of car and bus traffic in and around the school, we want everyone to be safe.

We appreciate your cooperation with these matters, these policies are in place for the safety of our students and families, it is very important that they are followed.

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3900 W. River Pkwy
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Main Office
(612) 668-4410
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