April 24, 2019

Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

April 24, 2019




Reading/ Writing Workshop: We began unit 9 – Spending Time and Money. Students worked to identify and annotate key details and determine the main idea. They worked with abstract nouns, distinguishing between literal and non-literal language, prefixes, and suffixes. Finally, we began writing “How To” paragraphs.


Math: We began our new unit about geometry and measurement. This unit began with reviewing strategies to solve multi-step word problems. These problems require the students to find the parts they need to solve, choose a strategy to solve each step, and then answer the final question. We then began exploring polygons, specifically quadrilaterals and their attributes. This unit introduces many new vocabulary words and skills. In addition, we measured the perimeter of regular and irregular polygons, found the perimeter of polygons with unknown side lengths, and solved word problems about perimeter.


Social Studies: We have been working on an Economics unit by discussing the three types of resources, wants and needs, scarcity, and the four choices for money (spend, save, donate, invest). Students are learning about philanthropy and collecting money to donate to a charity that they will be researching. Students are working in teams to create a poster advocating for their charity of choice. Students will be presenting these to their classmates and voting on which to donate the money they collected to. We are also learning about and making budgets, and discussing ways to keep track of money.


MCA Tests:A large part of our time during our reading/writing workshop during the past several weeks has been spent completing the MCA tests. Testing will be done tomorrow and then things should get back to normal J 


Other Essential Information:

Important Dates:

May 15 – Ag Days at the State Fair Grounds 9:30 – 1:30

May 22 – Energy and U at the U of MN 9:30 – 11:30

May 31 – Three Rivers on site 12:30 – 2:30

June 6 – Riverview Theater 12:30 – 2:30


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