Community Resources

Resources for families and students

Resource for refugees

Somali family and youth through the Minnesota Council of Churches 612-252-2416

Above is the link to the Minnesota Department of Health’s main page to directories with Health Resources for Organizations Serving Refugees.

Community University Health Care Clinic              2100 Bloomington Ave. South Mpls 


Resources for Children with Disabilities

PACER                                                                       952-838-9000

ARC                                                                            952-920-0855

Autism Society of Minnesota                                      651-647-1083

MN Children with Special Needs                                651-201-3650


Housing/Rental assistance/Shelterinformation:           online resources for housing needs

Twin Cities Metro Shelter Hotline                               888-234-1329

Lutheran Social Services                                            612-879-5255

Homeline         rental resolution services                    612-728-5770

Jeremiah Program (for single parents in school)       612-692-8711

Housing Link

HUD Subsidized Housing                                                               612-370-3000

Housing Information Line                                                             612-879-5266  Lutheran Social Services

Homeline (resolving rental issues for no cost in Mpls.)    612-728-5770    

St. Stephens Human Services                                                     612-870-2298



Financial Resources

SSI    or call                          1-800-772-1213

Medical Assistance                                                  612-596-1300

TEFRA                                                                       612-596-1300


Metro Shelter Hotline   1-888-234-1329  Information and referral

Minnesota Food Helpline  1-888-711-1151  Statewide food resources information

United 2-1-1   651-291-0211  Food and Shelter information and specific agency referral

Tubman  612-825-0000  Battered women's shelter hotline

Immigration Law Center

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