Board Members & Committees


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Co-Chair: Leah McKenzie
Co-Chair: Jenny Hoefer 

Co-Secretary: Dylan Flunker
Co-Secretary: Catherine McDonnell-Forney

Co-Treasurer: Allison Cramer -     
Co-Treasurer: Jake Fischer

Newsletter Editor: Sara Bergen -

DSC Liaison:  Catherine McDonnell-Forney -

Dowling Directory: Jessica McDonald -

Dowling Yearbook Team Leads:

Joanna Mylan -

Kindra Murphy

Leah McKenzie

River Walk: Kathy Lanz

Fall Campout: Lisa and Sam Mitchell

Silent Auction: Brian Moen -

Green Team: Shelly Connor

Read-a-thon: Cheiko Karlsen -

Usedbook sale: Brian Moen

Carnival: Amy Retherford

PTO Board Roles and Responsibilities

All PTO Board Members:

Attend monthly meetings

Promote communication and parent engagement

Support events




Provide oversight of the activities of officers and committees

Develop agendas and facilitate meetings, ensuring active members receive reminders

Respond to questions, comments, and complaints, and serve as the liaison to the front office, working together with all team members

Maintain a current copy of the bylaws


Maintain and balance the PTO checkbook and other financial records

Maintain an accurate account of receipts and expenditures, presenting at monthly meetings

Sign checks to make disbursements as authorized by the Board in accordance with the budget

Schedule a review of financial records when there is a change of treasurer and at the end of the budget year, by either an external auditor or no fewer than three members of the PTO


Records minutes and attendance at each meeting, posts them in Dropbox, and sends them in be posted on the school website

Newsletter Editor

Creates and coordinates the printing of the Newsletter