December 12, 2018

Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

December 12, 2018



Reading/Writing Workshop:  “Why do People Participate in Government?” was the essential question for our third unit. The areas we focused on included; recounting key details to determine the main idea, describing cause and effect, using information gained from text features, describing sequential text connections, and comparing and contrasting key details in two texts on the same subject. We also determined the meaning of specific vocabulary from the unit. In addition, the class worked on writing personal letters that included the five parts of a letter. We are currently focusing on our "Communities Now and Then" unit. We have been finding key details and the main idea of several texts. Each of the students are using on of the texts to write about the community in main-research paper.


Math: We continue with our fourth unit, which focuses on multiplication and division facts for factors 6 – 9. The class reviewed the commutative property of multiplication to find known facts of 6, 7, 8, and 9. They also used a letter to represent an unknown in a math equation. Finally, they used the skill of decomposing numbers to work on facts of 6 and 7. Our current unit involves looking for patterns in multiplication. 


Science: We began our Designing Model Membranes engineering unit by reading a story about bioengineering and frog membranes. The class discussed the steps of the engineering design process, compared different kinds of technology to natural objects, and learned more about membranes by conducting investigations with raisins. The children designed a model membrane using the constraints required and then left it for 24 hours. Then they tried to improve upon their designs by observing what materials created the most effective membrane. Twenty-four hours later, they determined if they had improved their designs. The young engineers were very successful. Our end of the unit Model Membrane Jeopardy game was quite exciting! 


Social Studies: We are currently learning about the Ancient Aztecs. The students made calendars and are researching and presenting information about Aztec daily life.


Other Essential Information:

Recess:  Please be sure your child has shoes and boots each day during the winter season. You might want to leave a pair of shoes in your child’s locker 

Game Day:  On Friday, December 21st your child may bring a game and small stuffed animal to school.



Important Dates:

December 12 - Global Minnesota visitor from Morocco

December 17 - FAST reading test

December 18 - FAST math test

December 20 - Seward Coop visit

December 21 - Math Game Day

December 24 – January 4 - No School 



Thank You,

Tammy Thelen

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