Principal Dr. Lloyd Winfield

As principal of The Dowling Urban Environmental Elementary School I feel honored and challenged to be here. Having worked these past two years with students, families, and staff, I am grateful to be in a place that has so much to offer. At the same time, as the building leader, I am challenged every day to support all of our children and adults as we move through this educational journey together. I look forward to continuing a long, positive relationship with our staff, families, and neighbors of the Dowling community.

I am a native Minnesotan and graduate of the Minneapolis Public Schools. In addition to holding degrees earned at University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, and University of St. Thomas-Minneapolis, I am a retired Army Officer. I began my career in education as an instrumental music teacher in 1990. I have been a school administrator since 1998. The knowledge and experience gained in those years helped prepare me for my best, and most challenging assignment, Dowling.

Our school is a place where children learn to read, write, and do arithmetic. Of course they also learn to navigate the internet and use technology, engage in creative arts, musical expression, and physical education. We are committed to doing this with all of our students learning side by side, in an inclusive environment.

What separates us from average elementary schools is what also makes us one of the gems of the Minneapolis Public Schools. Having a pool, various technological items, a greenhouse, an active cultivated beehive, and an apple orchard and community garden on 21 acres of land is only part of that equation. What makes Dowling a gem is what gets accomplished with these resources and the collaboration between our staff, parents, and community.

I have learned, via survey and in conversations, that most people attending our school choose to be here because of our environmental and STEM focus as well as our inclusive practices. This is also true of our teachers and staff. We are also respected for our great work with special needs students. As the principal I am responsible for supporting and maintaining both our focus and the resources that make so much of what we do possible. This is a opportunity I gladly accept and will continue making decisions that support building our students intellectual skills and experiences they need to be successful learners and environmentally savvy, globally-aware adults.

I have enjoyed the past two years as principal. I appreciate the support that you all have given me as I continue learning about school leadership and the Dowling community. As we move forward, I will do all I can to maintain what we have in support of educating our learners. With your continuing support I remain confident that our school will continue to be one of the gems among the Minneapolis Public Schools.

Lloyd E. Winfield, Ed.D.
Michael Dowling School 
Urban Environmental Magnet
(612) 668-4410