Elisabeth Hendrix - Science and Social Studies

Hello Dowling Families!

My name is Ms. Hendrix and I am the new fifth-grade teacher. This is my first year of teaching and I could not be more thrilled to be spending it at Dowling. This year, I will be teaching Science and Social Studies. I am excited to see what your students will discover and accomplish. 

Prior to coming to Dowling, I earned my Master's of Education from the University of Minnesota. I student taught at Kenny in South Minneapolis in the fifth-grade. I fell in love with teaching Math and Science and am looking forward to another year of teaching and learning. 


Our study of Science will consist of six units with a mutlitude of investigations that foster self-motivated, inquisitve learners.

  • Nature of Science and Engineering
  • Physical Science: Motion, Force, and Models
  • Physical Science and Engineering: Simple Machines
  • Earth Science: Landforms
  • Life Science and Engineering: Oil Spill
  • Life Science: Environments. 


Social Studies will include four units focusing on American History and Politics. Students will be challenged to explore events, documents, texts, and artifacts with a critical lens. 

  • First Americans to the Time of Explorers
  • Colonization and Settlement
  • American Revolution
  • Documents of Democracy