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Friday, September 18, 2020 5:00 PM

Daily attendance is expected for all students. Student attendance will be taken every day based on a teacher's daily interaction with the student along with the student submitting their homework on the online platform (Seesaw/Google Classroom).


Daily Interactions between a teacher and student include:

  1. Participating in a video class or chat.
  2. A phone call with the student, or for younger students, with the parent.



  • If there are circumstances in your family schedule that may interfere with your child’s daily attendance, please contact your child’s teacher to discuss


  • Please call the school office to report any absences, 612-668-4410. This is especially important during COVID so that our health office can track possible and confirmed cases.


  • Attendance letters will resume this fall. To avoid unnecessary letters regarding your child’s attendance, please communicate promptly with your child’s teacher and the school office!


Students who miss just one or two days of school each month can easily fall behind in learning. Additionally, Minnesota law requires all students to attend school from age 7 (or when they enroll in kindergarten) until they are 18 years old.


We love our Dowling students and families! Please partner with us to ensure your child(ren) have the best educational experience possible during distance learning. 


Please familiarize yourself with the district's attendance policy:



How To Report An Absence To School:

Do NOT rely on the teacher to relay information about your student’s absence to attendance staff. Please call the attendance line at 612.668.4410 Failure to report your student’s absence will result in an UNEXCUSED absence.

Please leave the follow information:

  • Student’s name
  • Student’s teacher or room number
  • Reason for absence (Illness, Doctor/Dentist appointment, etc.)
  • Caller’s name and phone number