Mr. Holmboe's family
Mr. Holmboe's Family

Hello, My name is Mr. Holmboe.  I have been teaching in Minneapolis public schools for 11 years.  I graduated from the University of Minnesota Teacher program. In 2008 and completed my Masters’s degree in Educations in 2012.   In my own teaching, I work to create a calm and hardworking classroom.  I do this by having a calm presence and spending time teaching the students what it means to work hard and how to work with others.  Every year, my students and I meditated each day.  Meditation is a strategy that travels with the students long after they have left my classroom.  My classroom expectations are enforced with a growth mindset, each day students begin again. 

Below is the current specialist schedule and link for this quarter.  I will update it when it changes. Your student can attend the live session or the video lesson.  They do have to go to each specialist once a week.

1st Grade 12:15-1:10


Gym - Ms. Karen

Live Class [] code: DowlingGYM



Tuesday Pool

Paul - Pool/P.E.

Live Class [] code: DowlingPOOL




Wednesday Art (Media 1st week)

Media - Ms. Mangal - Media

Live Class code: DowlingMEDIA


Thursday EE

EE - Ms. Kristen

Live Class [] code: DowlingEE



Friday Music

Ms. Allison - Music 

Live Class: [] code: DowlingMUSIC






 I can be reached at:

(612)460-8074 this is my google voice number

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