Jessica Poeschl

I have been teaching 4th grade at Dowling since 2014 and have enjoyed every minute! 

4th grade is a busy year! Students will be engaged analyzing rocks and minerals, building circuits and electromagnets, studying the properties of water and creating water filters, developing narratives and informational articles. 

As a mathematician, students will use skills to solve multi-step problems using a variety of strategies, explore equivalent fractions in different forms, finding properties of geometrical shapes and so much more! 

I am excited for the coming year and all the adventures it will bring.


You can contact me at


document Specialist Calendar   --  Students will follow a 6-day rotation between specialists this year including Music, Pool, Art, Environmental Education, Physical Education and Media. You can access the full year calendar for room 110 here.
document Classroom Expectation Plan   --  Our classroom expectation plan is an agreement between the 4th grade team, students, and families that outlines essential needs for a successful and safe learning space as well as steps that will be taken when those needs are not met.