Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE)


Hello Dowling families! My name is Lynn Dolny and I am a Developmental Adapted Physical Education teacher. I taught general physical education in grades K-8 for 19 years. In 2008, I moved from the general education setting to the special education setting and began teaching Developmental Adapted Physical Education. The students inspire me every day and I love working with your children!

What is DAPE? defines Developmental Adapted Physical Education (or DAPE as it is also called) as, "specially designed physical education instruction and services for pupils with disabilities who have a substantial delay or disorder in physical development. Developmental Adapted Physical Education is special education instruction for pupils age three through 21 and may include development of physical fitness, motor fitness, fundamental motor skills and patterns, skills in aquatics, dance, individual and group games, and sports. For all practical purposes, Adapted Physical Education IS developmentally appropriate physical education at its finest. It is adapting, modifying, and/or changing a physical activity so it is as appropriate for the person with a disability as it is for a person without a disability."

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