March 27, 2019

Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

March 27, 2019




Reading/ Writing Workshop:  We completed unit 5 – Making Decisions. The students read folktales and thought about how the characters solve problems. The areas we focused on included recounting key story events, determining the central message or lesson in a story, comparing and contrasting themes in stories by the same author, and explaining how a character’s action influences story events. The class also worked on writing narrative journal entries about characters from the stories.


 Math: We completed our unit on fractions. The areas we focused on included comparing and ordering fractions, recognizing fractions as part of a whole, describing the difference between part of a whole and part of a set, solving real-world problems using fractions, and making connections between models of fractions and fractions on the number line. We also completed our unit on collecting, displaying, and interpreting data. The unit began with the class generating and organizing data. The first graphs created were scaled bar graphs, followed by pictographs. Then we used the graphs to solve one and two step problems. Next, the class constructed rulers with 1, ½, and ¼ inch intervals to collect data. They used the data collected to create line plots. We completed the unit by analyzing the data on a variety of graphs.


 Science: We completed our science unit Matter and Energy. Investigation 2: Light focused on reflected light and colored light. The children read three non-fiction articles about light and answered questions about reflection and absorption. They also used mirrors to complete 6 challenges that involved reflecting light by using a flashlight and mirrors. Next, they discussed that white light is made up of all the colors of the rainbow. Then they conducted experiments to see how white light is absorbed or reflected using colored tubes and cubes. Investigation 3: Matter involved working with a balance to determine the mass of an object and measuring fluid volume using vials, graduated cylinders, and syringes. The standard units of measure that were introduced and used for this investigation were the gram, kilogram, milliliter, and liter. The children read about changes in states of matter, particles, and reactions. Then they answered questions about each topic. The final Investigation 4: Changing Matter involved measuring temperature in standard metric units, melting solid substances from heat, and learning how heat affects the rate of evaporation.

MCA Testing review: Students have the opportunity to practice math and reading skills with item samplers. These resources are available online if your student would like to review at any point during the testing period. Below are steps to access the tutorials and the item samplers. 

Go to

·     Along the top, choose the drop-down menu Preparing for testing 

·     Choose Item Samplers 

·     Scroll to the bottom. There are samplers in Reading, Math, and Science (3rd grade only) 

·     Click the green View MCA Item Samplers button for the subject of practice 

·     Choose current grade level 

·     Click on the Item Sampler button under the Online Item Sampler heading



Other Essential Information:

Important Dates:

March 28 – “The Works” at Dowling

March 29 – April 5– Spring Break

April 16–18 - Reading MCA

April 23–25 - Math MCA


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