May 15, 2015




Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

May 15, 2019



Reading/ Writing Workshop: We recently began unit 8 – Weather and Climate. Students have identified and annotated key details in order to summarize what they’ve read, used text features to locate important information, and determined the central message of poetry. In addition, they are learning about climate and weather while completing a project-based learning activity that requires researching an ideal vacation destination. 


 Math: We are continuing with our unit “Numbers to 100,000” with a focus on place value, rounding, and estimating. Students use place value charts to compare multi-digit numbers. They round to the tens, thousands and ten-thousands place using both the place value charts and vertical number lines. 


Social Studies: We completed our Economics unit and continue with our unit about the solar system. Students voted for their favorite Charity after presentations of the team posters. The class chose the ALS Association. The total amount raised was $21.42. We continue to collect data about the phases of the Moon and record the data on our Moon calendar while we discuss and explore the sun. Our next focus will be on stars and constellations. 



Other Essential Information:

Looking for Junior Teachers:  During the last days of school, May 28 – June 7 your child may choose to teach a short lesson to the class. The lesson can be about anything that is appropriate for school and that your child knows a lot about.  Each Jr. teacher will have about 15 minutes of teaching time and 10 minutes of doing time for the class. If they choose to make a worksheet for the class, I can make copies. Each Jr. Teacher will need a lesson plan, which is a written description of what will be taught and how – keep it simple. All lessons need to be turned in by May 17th so I can schedule times and make copies. I think that this is a great opportunity for your child to show what he/she knows and present in front of an audience. This is an optional activity. 



Important Dates:


May 17 – Book orders due by 8:00 AM

May 22 – Energy and U at the U of MN 9:30 – 11:30

May 31 – Three Rivers on site 12:30 – 2:30

June 6 – Riverview Theater 12:30 – 2:30



Thank You,

Tammy Thelen

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