November 14, 2018

Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

November 14, 2018



Reading/Writing Workshop:  Our second reading unit focused on how living things adapt to change. The areas we focused on included; generating questions, recounting the key details of a text and explaining how they support the main idea, using context clues to determine the meaning of a word, gathering facts from a print source, taking notes and organizing information using text evidence to make inferences, comparing and contrasting two texts on the same topic, using pronouns, and writing an informative report. We will be publishing our reports over the next few weeks. In addition, all the fables from our last writing workshop are complete and we will be sharing them over the next 5 weeks.


Math: We completed our second unit that focused on multiplication and division and began our third unit on place value and problem solving. We worked on telling and writing time to the nearest minute, solving word problems involving adding and subtracting time intervals and weight, and rounding the nearest ten and hundred using vertical number lines.


Science: We completed our “Structures of Life” science unit. They looked at the skeletal system of the human body. Our focus was on the functions of the skeletal system, which includes support, protection, and movement. We put paper skeletons together, made pasta skeletons, and labeled the bones of the human skeletal system. We also began learning about fossils and how they are used for research. In addition, the children dissected owl pellets. They used the bones found in the pellets to identify the animals that the bones came from and to compare animal bones to human bones. In addition, we watched two very short videos that showed owls consuming prey and regurgitating owl pellets. Finally, we focused on joints and how they allow us to complete tasks and looked at our fingerprints. The children also read about inherited characteristics and took the benchmark assessment for this unit.


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November 21 - 23 - No School 

December 7 - Scholastic Book Orders due - (To order online use access code H24L9 by 8AM)



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