October 24, 2018

Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

October 24, 2018



Reading/Writing Workshop:  This unit introduced the way that characters shape stories. The areas we focused on included; listening and asking questions, finding and recounting details from a fable, describing a characters traits and motivation, explaining how illustrations contribute to the mood of the story, and identifying similes and how they add to a story. In addition, the class worked on the elements of a fable and began using the writing process to create their own fables. They also wrote poems using similes to describe themselves.


Math: This unit focused on multiplication and division. We practiced skip counting, repeated addition, and using number bonds and arrays to represent a math problem. The class also worked daily on using the RDW process, which stands for read-draw-write. Each time a story problem is encountered the students read and underline important information, draw a picture or diagram, and write both a number sentence and word sentence to show the answer. Finally, we began exploring the commutative property of multiplication.


Science: We continued our “Structures of Life” science unit. The children looked for samples of seedlings that were at various stages of germination and categorized them using a rubric. We transferred some of our bean seedlings to a hydroponic growing environment. The class was then introduced to crayfish. We observed the crayfish and recorded the structures we found. We also observed crayfish behavior and recorded their responses to certain actions. The children read about life cycles and were introduced to a new organism. The class observed isopods, noting their structures, functions, and behaviors. They reviewed crayfish variations and discussed traits. Finally, they learned about the importance of adaptions for an organism’s survival by participating in a simulation to find various colored walking stick insects in different environments. If your child would like to try this activity again just search for “Foss walking stick activity” on your web browser.


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 Important Dates:

November 1 and 2 - No School 

November 9 - Scholastic Book Orders due - (To order online use access code H24L9 by 8AM)

November 21 - 23 - No School 



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