September 26, 2018

Third Grade Newsletter

Room 108

September 26, 2018



Reading Workshop:  Our mini lessons focused on independent reading: thinking about reading, how to talk about a book with peers, abandoning books, selecting books at reading level, guidelines for independent reading time, and recording the books being read in a reading log. In addition, the class reviewed long and short vowel sounds and practiced using questioning strategies to better understand the text by asking thin and thick questions. Finally, we reviewed the meaning of the word evidence and practiced using evidence to question and make predictions. When possible, we take our reading outdoors. (see attached photos)


Writing Workshop: The class worked on completing our building-wide expectation chart and then met with Mr. Morris and Dr. Winfield to review the expectations. We also read Haikus and went on a hunt for sensory words to use for our Haikus. Each of us practiced sentence fluency by writing a sentence that answers the question, “Who am I?” The flowing sentences are in the hallway outside the classroom. Our mini lessons focused on engaging in the writing process, text connections, opinion writing, and writing a response to reading. 


Math: Our first unit focused on solving addition and subtraction equations by using strategies to simplify the problem before solving. The class worked on using number bonds, tape diagrams, the arrow way, counting on, and number lines to solve problems. All of these strategies allow students to move toward using mental math to decompose and compose numbers when solving problems. We also worked on solving multi-step word problems.


Social Studies: We completed our mapping, communities, and environments unit. We explored a variety of maps and created 2-D bedroom maps. Then we discussed and compared rural, urban, and suburban communities. Finally, we solved landform riddles and used that information to create our own 3-D landform maps.


Science: We began our “Structures of Life” science unit. The children opened a variety of fruits and vegetables and recorded their observations by listing the properties of the seeds. They learned that the scientific term for a structure that holds seeds is a fruit. The children also made mini-sprouters. Each day they recorded observations about the seeds in the mini-sprouter, noting any changes.


Other Essential Information:


Homework –In addition to math, there will be an occasional science sheet. Please feel free to help your child with the homework but let me know if it appears to be a real struggle. I do not return homework packets because most parents have seen them when they are completed and they tend to accumulate in backpacks and lockers. If you would like your child’s math homework returned just let me know and I will.


We go outside for recess every day unless it is raining, below zero, or a special event comes up. Please make sure your child has appropriate outdoor clothing as the weather changes.


If you need to review a newsletter be sure to check my website at the Dowling home page. Each of them is saved under the Parent’s section.



Important Dates:

October 10 – Picture Day

October 12 - Scholastic Book Orders due - (To order online use access code H24L9 by 8AM)

October 16 - Three Rivers on-site Environmental Experience 12:30 – 2:30 PM

October 16 - Evening Conferences 3:30 – 7:30

October 17 - Conferences – No school

October 18 and 19 - No School



Thank You,

Tammy Thelen

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