Cars in Havana, Cuba

My name is Stacy Bangs (it was Stacy Severson until this year), and I teach English learners (ELs) in grades K-2.  I also work with K-5 Dual Eligible students~ students who qualify for both EL and Special Ed. services.  In 2018 I earned my MAESL (Masters of English as a Second Language), creating a website for teachers who work with Dual Eligible students.  Many linguistic features that are seen in the first language of a child with a particular disability, are also seen in a second language or subsequent languages.


Pigeon drinking from a fountain in Siena, Italy
                       I have been teaching in MPS since 2000, ten of these at Northrop.  I've been at Dowling since 2015.  Prior to teaching English learners, I taught Reading, Environmental Education, Advanced Learners, Future Problem Solvers, and Peace Leaders. 

A little about me

I am the 3rd of four generations to have graduated from Minneapolis Public Schools.  My grandmother was an English learner who began Kindergarten speaking only Swedish (which I also speak, along with French, Spanish, Russian and German).  One of my favorite stories

I tell my students, is that when I was young, my poor immigrant family never went to movies or restaurants.  We would go to the woods and fish all day, then brought the extra panfish to the garbage dump to watch the black bears come in and eat dinner.  The bears were my movie, and the dump was my theater.  I have a son who lives in Los Angeles (far from the woods) and works for Nike.

I have many hobbies, but my favorites are photography, traveling, and any combination of these two.  Last summer I got married on the Olympic peninsula of Washington, in a little town called Port Townsend.