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Monday, August 27, 2018 9:20 PM

Bus stop information will be sent via mail in late August. The transportation department sets routes and bus stops, the school does not set up routes or stops. If you have any questions regarding your transportation, please contact the transportation department directly at 612.668.2300. If you move during the summer, you must contact them with your new address if you need a new stop. Forms are available on the Minneapolis website under the transporation department menu. Convienence stops will not be looked at until mid October, you may contact transportation or come to the main office after school begins for a request. Below is information regarding transportation:

When parents register their child at a school, they will be asked for information to set up a bus stop for their child. Students are assigned to bus stops according to the following criteria:

• Elementary grades (Pre-K-5) walking distance to a school is one-half mile or less; maximum walking distance to a bus stop is one-quarter mile.
• Only High Five students will receive mid-day transportation.
• Middle grades (6-8) walking distance to a school is one mile or less; maximum walking distance to a bus stop is one-half mile.
Bus stop change requests are submitted through the school that a child is attending and are created at corners only (excludes special education students).
Bus drop-off (custodial transfer)
The district only provides custodial transfer for students receiving special needs transportation. It is recommended that parents of High Five and kindergarten students meet their child at the bus after school, although it is not required. If meeting the bus, please be at your child’s stop at least 10 minutes prior to the posted drop-off time.
Transportation waiver
Families who live outside of a school’s attendance area or in the walk zone will not receive transportation. Parents requesting a school outside of their attendance area will be required to sign a transportation waiver. Signing a waiver means parents are responsible for transporting their child to and from school on time every day. To request a waiver, please call Student Placement Services at 612.668.1840.
Day-care addresses
Students can receive transportation to a day-care address within the school’s busing area.
Bus schedules
If students are enrolled prior to Aug.1, bus stops are established for the first day of school and bus information is mailed
to homes in late August. Students enrolling after Aug.1 will be given a temporary bus stop for the first day of school. A
permanent bus stop will be assigned within 10 days. For general transportation information, call 612.668.2300 or visit
the Transportation Services website at www.transportation.mpls.k12.mn.us.
Route changes
All bus routes and stops are subject to change once every three school days as students move or enroll in school; be sure
to check your student’s backpack for a notice of changes to your bus stop location or pickup time.