Writing Resources

Writing Prompt Framework:


  1. Read the writing prompt. 
  2. Plan what you will write on some extra paper. You may make notes, or you may make a chart or web (see graphic organizers at bottom of page).
  3. Do your writing on another piece of paper. As you write, follow the checklist below. It will help you do your best writing.


Writing Prompt: 

Write about ___________.


Checking My Writing

  • I wrote about ___________.
  • I used many different words to make my writing more interesting.
  • My writing has a beginning, a middle, and an end.
  • My sentences have a naming part and an action part.
  • My sentences end with the correct end mark.
  • My sentences use capital letters correctly.


Edmark Spelling Word List (Level 1)

  1. car a I see ball
  2. and fish boy in
  3. the box put
  4. is big my
  5. red cow
  7. egg has go
  8. eat you to
  9. dog he
  10. on up cat
  11. run it
  12. REVIEW
  13. she not
  14. sit we can
  15. or with
  16. find blue
  17. boat ride
  18. REVIEW
  19. tree long
  20. said sky
  21. play bird
  22. sees eats runs finds plays
  23. seeing eating finding playing
  24. REVIEW
  25. REVIEW
  26. book one at girl
  27. cup fast will man they
  28. have take good six zoo
  29. milk her jump two for
  30. saw bike me come him
  31. pink happy baby
  32. out was by all had
  33. look of new help
  34. away but do when
  35. get ham high us yellow
  36. apple water spoon green under
  37. candy black table funny bread
  38. chair grass their paper
  39. drink mouse brown plate give
  40. were bear other horse are
  41. slow what this game knife
  42. eight where little pencil
  43. banana mother orange flower school
  44. played jumped looked helped
  45. purple father rabbit pretty animal
  46. street window chicken teacher picture
  47. balloon children airplane ice cream elephant
  48. scissors magazine squirrel telephone vegetable

Edmark Spelling Word List (Level 2)

  1. time be many people would
  2. that from as back like
  3. day how word some his
  4. if number more about make
  6. first men your home been
  7. right end name Judy Scott
  8. made no show did story
  10. dress country feet may hand
  11. night thing know over computer
  12. sun because answer think room
  13. REVIEW
  14. top city open only money
  15. could family write morning face
  16. very door which front work
  17. REVIEW
  18. nothing letter must button why
  19. three wash four class second
  20. summer tell winter draw went
  21. REVIEW
  22. lunch week rain read question
  23. them shoe cold count got
  24. glass white cut try bottom
  25. REVIEW
  26. hear friend job five talk
  27. farm full learn circle bed
  28. keep wrong ten mouth after
  29. REVIEW
  30. color sleep call trip add
  31. women eye store now fun
  32. stop follow yes breakfast then
  33. REVIEW
  34. minute who wall an begin
  35. carry party middle sign down
  36. corner walk garden buy race
  37. REVIEW
  38. clothes seven rule toy through
  39. listen sandwhich whose corn third
  40. cook ask guess ring across
  41. REVIEW
  42. afternoon pull clean quiet coat
  43. fly please meat share left
  44. hat behind arm push hurt
  45. REVIEW
  46. nine birthday cry farmer star
  47. laugh finger beside bus subtract
  48. leg sad sister fork clock
  49. REVIEW
  50. dirty before ear doll each
  51. brother dinner less same policeman
  52. different thank warm fall love
  53. REVIEW


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